A young, agile, fast company but driven by 30 years of IT experience.

Chi siamo

About us

GeekCo is a startup that wants to reshape old applications into innovative environments and business models. Today, even the basic functionality should be accessible with the newer tools (smartphone, tablet, wearable devices, etc..) and newer environments (iOS, Android, Microsoft Mobile) allowing you to choose the best device and the best mode for your purpose.



More than 30 years of experience in the IT world guarantee you a reliable and skilled partner that can combine your needs with the latest technologies.



GeekCo has to his credit many projects in IT management:

  • Personal data and medical specialists rankings
  • Training via e-learning with ongoing and conclusive rating and accreditation
  • Mobile home care devices with geo-localization
  • Re-engineering of obsolete software with compatibility porting to new technologies
  • Systems for the management of projects for quality office